Monday, October 4, 2010

David's update

We went to Kirklin last Monday for David's MRI and Doc appointment. The MRI showed that David's tumor is still there but it hasn't grown. Praise God for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As of now, David will continue with this treatment until January. His doctor will be consulting other doctors and hospitals for a possible breakthrough. Please keep praying for us and the doctors and the research that they are doing. He is having seizures again but as he says "nothing to these." We will be watching these too and if they get frequent again they will adjust his medicine. We're just staying the course.

Brother Gary's sermon yesterday was on the tests that we are put through. I've thought about it and it can feel like a pop quiz and some days it may feel like the final exam but we should let go and LET GOD. I came across this verse this morning. "Fear not, neither be discouraged." Deuteronomy 1:21

My calendar this morning had the following remarks on it:

In the darkest pit of despair, when God give us the light to take only one step at a time, His message to us is still simply: Trust Me.

I hope this can be a great reminder and help you today. Happy Monday to you.

With lots of love and big big hugs from me.....................J:)y